We work best when we work together… And that’s the mission behind our Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana grant program — using our grant dollars to motivate partners around the state to work together on wellness initiatives. For a great example of what we mean by all this togetherness talk, check out the video below (just click the photo). The video highlights Fresh Beginnings, awarded $1 million by the BCBSLAF last year. The Baton Rouge wellness program, developed through Mayor Kip Holden’s Healthy City Initiative, is focused on getting more people moving and wiping-out the region’s many food deserts (where corner stores hawking chips and cola far outnumber veggie-stocked groceries). In the event highlighted below, one of Baton Rouge’s newest farmers market transformed into a classroom for kids. Local chefs turned-out to teach students that veggies can be more than good for you — they can actually be tasty treats, too!

And for more details on the American Culinary Federation’s work with Fresh Beginnings, check out our blog story here.