Right now Louisiana is showing it’s best self – the power of everyday people doing extraordinary good for their friends, families, neighbors and strangers in need (or, as we like to call them, friends you just haven’t met yet).

Along with tens of thousands of others, as many as a fourth of Blue Cross’ employees have lost their homes to flooding, including some on the Foundation’s team. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone going through this. But as sad as we are, we are twice as proud of the thousands of men and women who, even in the face of their own indescribable and utterly overwhelming loss, have reached out a helping hand.

Today, you’ll find Louisiana hard at work shoveling mud and gutting drywall – fathers, mothers and kids together. And some others are waiting still to get back to their homes from a shelter and get to work. And many, many more are volunteering and donating to ease the suffering of others while they care for their own families. And the Cajun Navy is still pulling people from the water.

This is a long road, but we will support each other in the weeks to come. We’re #TogetherStrong.

If you’re looking for a way to help, here’s how:



— Michael Tipton, BCBSLA Foundation President