On Dec. 21, 1992, the Louisiana Secretary of State recognized the incorporation of the Louisiana Child Caring Foundation — the entity that eventually became the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

In recognition of our 25th anniversary, we’re catching up with grantees, starting with our 23 classes of Angel Award honorees. 


Jill Garner has dedicated her life to teaching children around the country about respect.

In 2009, Garner was recognized for her work with the program she founded, Manners of the Heart. It works to restore respect and civility in our communities by teaching children to be self-giving instead of self-serving.

She developed curricula that are taught alongside the core subject, so children not only have “head knowledge” but also “heart knowledge.” Garner said.

After receiving the Angel Award grant in 2009, Manners of the Heart was able to expand their one curriculum for grades kindergarten to third to six individual curricula for grades kindergarten to fifth. Now, they also have lessons for high schools, and in schools in 10 different states.

Currently, they are working on creating an animated series that includes stories and characters from the lessons.

Manners of the Heart also wants to bring awareness to the community, through #BRRespect, a social movement in Baton Rouge that encourages people to help others and perform good deeds.  Manners of the Heart has spread the campaign through radio and television spots and with billboards around Baton Rouge. The campaign has made over 13 million impressions on people in the community and passing through.