Download our full 2019 Community Partnerships Report

Our team defines the role of our Community Partnerships work as helping everyday people do extraordinary good. It keeps us focused on the work we can do best: empowering people and communities who want to make a change for themselves, their families and neighbors.

There are true hearts and persistent changemakers already at work in neighborhoods, classrooms and clinics across the state. Our job is to power them up with the Cross and Shield and to do whatever we can to help them open doors to even greater possibilities.

This year, the work we invested in reached more than 2.7 million Louisianians. That figure represents the network of nearly 300 nonprofits, thousands of volunteers and dozens of communities at work. Together they are striving for a healthier, more equitable and bountiful future.

In 2019, we were honored to be selected by the Points of Light Foundation as a member of The Civic 50. From hundreds of the nation’s largest companies, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana was chosen as one of America’s most civic-minded companies. But that honor doesn’t belong to us – it belongs to the tens of thousands of hearts and hands at work to make Louisiana an even greater place to live.


Last year, the work of our partners fed hundreds of thousands of people with healthy food, helped kids overcome obstacles and succeed in school, helped other kids find their way into meaningful careers, got hundreds of families into stable homes, provided access to critical healthcare services, delivered mental health services, supported innovation in social business, created equitable access to economic opportunity and so much more. The photo on the cover of this book is from Operation Warm, an event where our employees distributed hundreds of coats made from sustainable materials to kids in need.

We are honored and humbled to be a part of and share the work of so many dedicated and selfless neighbors. Through this report, our hope is to win new allies for their work, and to inspire you to share this news with anyone you think can contribute in any way to the nonprofits celebrated here.


Michael Tipton
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Head of Community Relations