This week, we’re sharing the story of Front Yard Bikes. We’ve been working with this organization since 2015 when its founder, Dustin LaFont, was chosen for the Angel Award.

On its surface, Front Yard Bikes is a community bike shop that teaches young people how to fix and maintain bikes. But it’s really a vehicle for building relationships with kids; for teaching math, physics and mechanics and for developing leadership, integrity, responsibility and soft skills – all traits that a child needs to succeed in school, work and life.

Last year, we granted funds to help Front Yard Bikes expand to a new part of Baton Rouge and to build its long-term capacity by putting some of its older participants to work as peer-leaders. We’re really proud of Dustin, the organization, and the results they have produced. I hope you’ll take a look and share this story about how building relationships through bikes has made an incredible difference for hundreds of children and families!

Michael Tipton
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Head of Community Relations


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