It’s fall, y’all. While the weather may not feel like it yet, in the nonprofit space the sharp (and for many exhausting) uptick in activity definitely indicates the season. For example, our team is busy getting ready to honor our 2019 Angel Award honorees, reviewing sponsorships and grant applications, wrapping up (and planning even more) some big volunteer events for Blue Cross employees – all while generally staying on the road between events, community meetings and more. And behind the work, life continues happening. We have team members planning to move houses, expecting children and juggling a myriad of life responsibilities.

Your organizations have their own flow but you can probably relate to the fall being an exciting, busy and often tiring time of year. We thought it seemed like an appropriate time to share these pieces we put out in March about taking care of yourself, finding balance, and avoiding burnout during these especially busy seasons of work. These were some of the most frequently shared posts we put out this year, so I know they struck a chord!

If you don’t have time to revisit, here’s the most important takeaway:

You are too important to lose. In many cases, the work you are doing is literally changing and saving lives, so it is understandable to feel driven to pour every bit of your energy into solving problems for your organization and its clients.  But remember: taking time for yourself doesn’t let anyone down — it’s essential to bringing your best self to the table. Your clients, your friends and family need the best of you.  And none of us can solve these complex social challenges alone.

We have plenty of challenges in Louisiana and to solve them we need passionate leaders bringing their best selves to this work. And doing that requires making the time to take care of ourselves during this busy season and beyond.

As always, if our team can support you and your work, I hope you’ll reach out and let us know. Take care of yourself!

– Michael Tipton
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Head of Community Relations


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