Earlier this year, I wrote about breaking ground on the Milam Street Kitchen Incubator and Community Kitchen (MS KICK). Recently, MS KICK opened its doors, and I wanted to share a video we put together about the project, its impact, and what the Foundation is hoping to achieve through funding it.




MS KICK will provide training and mentorship to budding chefs through their incubator.  Their Community Kitchen will offer healthy, tasty meals.  Finally, MS KICK incorporates a Culinary Medicine center (based on Tulane School of Medicine’s Teaching Kitchen Model).  There, individuals training in healthcare fields will learn to use food as preventive medicine, which they will then teach to patients.

There are many partners across Shreveport who made this project happen, including Southern University at Shreveport, the City of Shreveport, the Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport, the Federal Choice Neighborhoods Program, Southern University Shreveport’s Community Development Corporation and the MLK Health Center & Pharmacy — plus many others and countless individuals representing various neighborhoods and interests in the region.

– Michael Tipton
BCBSLA Foundation President
Head of Community Relations


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