Like many of you, we’re cautiously optimistic about our state’s recovery and re-opening. As we reflect on lessons-learned and all of the ways we’ll need to continue adapting our responses, there are so many stories to tell that can help us. Below, I’m sharing an interview with Tiffany Netters, the CEO of 504HealthNet, about their work providing care to vulnerable populations in and around New Orleans — and how they have supported frontline healthcare workers with philanthropic support.

As scientists predict possible second and third waves of COVID-19 along the way to a viable vaccine and treatments, it’s vital that we continue to support not only COVID-related care, but preventive and primary care. We’ve all seen how COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted communities of color and people in poverty. These are the same health disparities that play out across the system, and the work of coalitions like 504HealthNet are a great example of the way that communities can address these — through high quality, equitable access to care.


Michael Tipton
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Head of Community Relations


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