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After a year of adapting to crisis, what tools can we use to find new paths and get back on track?

Non-profits have always had to be adaptive – communicating their impact to different funders, meeting needs given changing circumstances and figuring out how to do this on limited and changing budgets. Add to this the challenge of the year we’ve had – a global pandemic, a focus on long-standing systemic community issues, hurricanes, financial constraints and more – and even more non-profits are thinking about how to adapt and pivot their work. The urgency of now calls for reviewing and potentially re-doing plans but far too frequently consultants that help in this way are out of the price point of those who need the help.

Enter two case studies and tools that may be able to help – the first an example of how the strategy team for a business helped a local non-profit position itself for growth (and how the tools they created can be used by you). The second a tool that allows non-profits to identify a need and volunteers from Louisiana and beyond to help meet that need. As we close one year and plan for the next we want to ensure these opportunities are in the hands of groups the can benefit from them the most.