What have nonprofit pros experienced on Taproot this year?

A year ago, we launched our partnership with the Taproot Foundation! Since then, nonprofits like yours from across Louisiana have taken advantage of free help from expert volunteers.

Together, nonprofits and volunteers have finished some amazing, high-impact projects like:

  • Emergency preparedness and business continuity planning
  • Rewriting HR policies and creating employee evaluation models
  • Infographics that make tough topics easy to understand
  • Designing CRM systems
  • Videos that tell a nonprofit’s story
  • Annual reports
  • …and much more!

What we’ve heard from executive directors and CEOs is that Taproot Plus rescues projects from the back-burner. In other words, important projects get done – projects that might otherwise languish because:

  • an organization’s staff is already overwhelmed with work,
  • there’s no budget to hire a consultant or extra hands, or
  • it’s time-consuming to recruit and manage volunteers with whom you can communicate your needs and trust to get the work done the way you want it.

Why get on Taproot Plus with us?

We get it. Everyone on the Community Partnerships team at Blue Cross comes from a nonprofit background. We understand that running your organization day-to-day can feel like drinking out of a firehose. That’s why we partnered with Taproot Foundation — the oldest organization dedicated to making pro bono volunteerism happen — to find an easy, online solution to get skilled help.

It’s so easy to get help. Here’s how the magic works:

  1. Sign Up – Easily register your organization on Taproot Plus. It’s quick and intuitive. It’s also free. You can register at any time. Day or night.
  2. Post a Project – You post a quick-and-easy “help wanted” post. Your post will be available to 70,000+ volunteers across America.
  3. Pick Your Talent – Enjoy passive recruitment. Your post goes to an online hub for volunteers. Those will the skills you need are notified about your project. They apply, you choose who you want to work with.

What’s new in 2021?

We’re punching up our service this summer to make the experience even better!

  • We’ve integrated a ton of feedback to make the process smoother and easier to use, like project templates and more.
  • If your project posting isn’t attracting any volunteers, someone from Taproot will reach out and help to rework the post so that it’s more likely to get a volunteer’s attention.
  • We are doubling down on recruiting even more Louisiana-based volunteers.

So, if you’ve been wondering what all the noise about Taproot is for, now’s the time to check it out! Sign up to today at Louisiana.taprootplus.org

Ben Mahoney
Communications and Special Projects Manager
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana


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