The unprecedented crises of 2020 spurred global charitable action on an incredible scale. But after a year of pivoting to meet the demands of each new challenge, 2021 delivered even more unexpected hardship for Louisiana.

Our state’s people were battered, but still they rallied. Across Louisiana, neighbors showed up to feed the hungry, tend to the sick, rebuild homes and communities devastated by ice storms, floods and hurricanes.

Rising to meet the magnitude of adversity we’ve all faced is the collective work of thousands upon thousands of everyday people. People digging deep, dusting themselves off, getting back again and again, extending a hand to pull up someone around them. When I think about it, takes my breath way.

It is our privilege to play a small part in that. Putting our company’s resources behind community champions, partners who jump in each and every day to make life better for someone else. We are so grateful to you.

We are also grateful to the employees of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, who have exercised great ingenuity and resourcefulness in continuing to find ways to serve friends, neighbors and communities.

Once again, we were honored in 2021 to be selected by the Points of Light Foundation as a member of The Civic 50. I’ll be frank: we are a small company compared to many of the international brands who make that list. It’s entirely because of the partners who welcome us to be a part of their work.



I hope that this report inspires everyone who reads it. If you’re looking for good news about our state, it’s right here: millions of people in an exchange of loving assistance, pulling each other through


Michael Tipton
President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Head of Community Relations




24 Million

points of service to more than 2.4 million people

Corporate Giving

$1.3 Million

in sponsorships, matching grants and corporate support

Foundation Grants

$8.4 Million

in grants made to Louisiana nonprofits

Employee Volunteering


hours of employee volunteerism

Employee Giving


in charitable gifts reported by employees

Pro Bono Services


in skills-based volunteering and pro bono services

Community Crisis Grants

$15 Million

allocated to support peopled affected by COVID-19 and natural disasters since 2020

Food Insecurity

$2.8 Million

to address food insecurity

Health Screenings and Services


health screenings, including biometric screenings and mental health sessions

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