I’m delighted to share a video about our partners at the Baton Rouge Early Childhood Education Collaborative (BRECEC), who are putting tools, technology, and learning toys into the hands of children and caregivers in Baton Rouge.

An unfortunate fact in our state is that ZIP code largely determines a child’s access to the kinds of resources that puts them on the path to achievement early in life. Children of families with wealth enjoy easier access to high-quality childcare, educational experiences, and community support. Children coming from generational poverty too often don’t.

BRECEC is working hard to change that. Through its home visit programs, experts in early childhood development visit children and caregivers, bringing books and toys with them. They work with caregivers to teach them how to deepen an environment of playful learning and growth within the home.

The early results are promising – absenteeism dropping and more children reading on time and at grade level. As the interviewees point out, the hope is to grow a generation of graduates who can credit their love of learning to this program.

As you know, education and income correlate. Both are highly influential determinants of health. Our Foundation is interested in exploring other early childhood interventions that can help break generational and systemic cycles and improve outcomes for all Louisianians, particularly the next generation. As always, if you have a project you’d like to share with us, we are happy to connect.

Michael Tipton
BCBSLA Foundation President &
Head of Community Relations



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