Past Honorees

The Angel Award Database is an archive of all those who have received the award since its inception in 1995. Click a year below to learn about our Angels.

Pat Andrus

Lafayette, 2003
Tumultuous life experiences more than a quarter century ago in Pat Andrus’ life could have left her embittered; instea...

Charles & Frances Bennett

Baton Rouge, 2003
“Always ready to help” is the phrase most commonly used by their friends and acquaintances to describe Charles and F...

Tyrone Black

Baton Rouge, 2003
Tyrone Black first made a name for himself playing basketball for LSU on its Final Four team in 1981. He followed that w...

Jesse Cavalier

Baton Rouge, 2003
Since 1966, Cavalier, a master sergeant with the United States Army, has worked with young men from underprivileged fami...

Ben Johnson

Shreveport, 2003
Ben Johnson was fundamental in the establishment and administration of several associations and programs providing child...

Elaine Spivy

Shreveport, 2003
Few of the 37 foster children who have been fortunate enough to come under Elaine Spivy’s wing would fit most people...