Even at 98, Ben Bowie’s extraordinary enthusiasm and energy outpaces many younger volunteers. He has a lifetime of experience as a veteran, school principal and entrepreneur. For the last thirteen years, he has volunteered weekly at the Children’s Museum of Acadiana, where he has spent time with thousands of children who come to play and learn.

You can set your watch by Ben’s commitment: he shows up early, always with a tin of home-baked brownies or cookies, greets all of his staff and fellow colleagues, and gets to work. Ben is engaged and active, guiding the museum’s young visitors through the model grocery store, the café, bubble pit, TV studio and more. Through this play, the children learn healthy eating, math, science, problem solving, social skills and so much more.

Over the years, staff and volunteers at the museum come and go — but Ben is a vital constant. He leads by example, with humility and experience. Each person he interacts with feels valued and honored for their contributions. Thousands of children have fond memories of Mr. Ben and the museum, and given that he shows no signs of slowing down, thousands more will make those same memories with him.