Johnny Robinson is well known for his work on the field as a Louisiana State University great and Super

Bowl IV star for the Kansas City Chiefs. But quietly, and more importantly, he has acted as a mentor and father figure for thousands of young men who have interacted with the juvenile justice system and established a safe, supportive family environment for them – the Johnny Robinson’s Boys Home.

What started as an effort to care for one young man who had been abused while in custody has grown into a community-based facility that houses up to 30 young men at a time, all of whom have been adjudicated and are in care of the State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice. While at the home for 6-12 months at a time, each young man attends public school, receives intensive counseling and support services, tutoring and training in soft skills.

The young men at the Boys Home know Johnny Robinson as “Dad,” with Johnny having become the primary father figure to many over the years. He is at the office every day, and his family helps run the facility. Together with the staff, they have helped hundreds of young men find opportunity, reach their potential and become who they were meant to be.