Levar Robison believes that every child needs and deserves a father figure as a role model. Levar’s father was totally absent from birth; he and his sister were raised by a single mom in tough circumstances. His mother, a strong, faith-filled woman, discouraged Levar from living the narrative of the neighborhood; he went on to the serve in the Navy and currently works with ExxonMobil as a process operator.

When it came time to have his own children, Levar was and is determined to be the father to them that he never had. He recognized a real absence of support for dads – places where they could connect to talk through challenges, learn best practices and lift each other up. So, he started Fathers on a Mission, a nonprofit organization that trains and offers safe spaces to fathers. Fathers On a Mission also connects with young people from single-parent households to teach positive skills like self-worth, conflict resolution, decision-making, soft skills and much more.

Hundreds of dads have been a part of community-based trainings and discussions, and are now part of that mission to create a better experience of fatherhood for their families. Hundreds more students have been mentored by Levar or one of the other fathers. Fathers On a Mission is growing rapidly, partnering with other nonprofits to provide support and wrap-around services, to make sure that no child struggles because of an absent father.