Team Blue

Does your organization need volunteers? Call Team Blue!

In everything we do, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana strives to be a valuable resource in Louisiana communities. One way we do that is through Team Blue, a league of dedicated employee volunteers who love giving back to Louisiana. If your organization needs volunteer support, Team Blue can lend a hand — actually, lots of hands.


Your organization is eligible for Team Blue support if:

  • Your programs serve an area in Louisiana.
  • Your organization is a nonprofit, a registered charity or a school with a tax exemption.
  • Your organization is not a private foundation, an individual, a political organization or a religious organization (including churches, temples or seminaries).
  • Your organization does not have unlawful employment practices or discriminatory services.

How to Request Volunteers

If your organization is eligible for Team Blue support, please complete the Team Blue application and return it at least six weeks before the date of your event.

Click here to submit a Team Blue request