Our Focus

The mission of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation is to promote the wellness and well-being of Louisianians by supporting projects and programs for health- or education-related causes. In pursuit of our mission, we are looking for new partners and programs that lift up Louisianians and empower everyday people to do extraordinary good.

We encourage you to contact us or meet with us about potential projects related to health, wellness and education. Potential areas of interest for our grantmaking programs are listed below. This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, but may provide you with some guidance on what kinds of projects are of particular interest or priority to us right now.

Healthy Eating ■   Programs that increase access to, knowledge about and use of healthy food and healthy eating
Physical activity ■   Programs that increase access to, knowledge about and engagement with daily, natural physical activity
■   Incentive and reward-based programs (virtuous cycles)
Community health ■   Community Level commitments to tackling health and quality of life issues
Early childhood intervention ■   Early childhood interventions that help set children, particularly low-income and high-needs children, on a good path educationally, socially-emotionally, health-wise etc.
School-based health ■   Having schools or educational institutions make improving health outcomes a top priority
Family stability ■   Programs that support stronger families and family units, providing particularly for low-income kids stability and support


Collective Impact Focus

We encourage applicants to submit collective impact projects for any of the areas of focus above.  We are also seeking Collective Impact projects in two additional areas of focus:


Let’s start a conversation…

If you have questions or would like to meet with a staff member from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation about a project you have in mind, contact us at (225) 298-7979 or email