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Grant Programs

Since 2009, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation has invested over $30 million in Louisiana’s health and well-being. We currently fund programs through three grant programs. You’ll find information on each program below, as well as instructions on how to apply.

New Horizons Grant Program

New Horizons grants are smaller investments made in support of innovative projects that bring a new approach to improving health and wellbeing in Louisiana. Through this program, we hope to encourage a research-based and scientific approach to philanthropy through testing ideas and seeing what works. The first step in that process is challenging the status quo with new ideas.

Learn more about New Horizons grants

Special Projects Grant Program

Special Projects grants are considered by invitation only, and are made as ongoing investments in previously funded grantees to 1) complete existing projects or 2) scale up successful projects. Occasionally, we make proactive community impact grants from this fund at our discretion.

Learn more about Special Projects grants

Collective Impact Grant Program

Following the success of our first collective impact grant program – Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana – we know that grassroots coalitions are the key to making long-term changes in the trends of Louisiana’s overall health. That’s why we’re challenging communities across Louisiana to build effective teams to tackle their most pressing health and quality of life problems.

Each community’s top challenges are different, and Collective Impact grant proposals may cover a wide range of issues in healthcare. In some places, addressing obesity, heart disease or diabetes may be the most pressing need in community health.

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Healthcare Workforce (Collective Impact) Grant Program

In many Louisiana communities, there are critical shortages in the healthcare workforce (general practitioners, dentists, specialists, nurses, mental health providers and other allied health professionals).

These gaps compound Louisiana’s health disparities, limiting the efficacy of healthcare interventions in those areas of the state where it is needed the most.

As such, the Blue Cross Foundation is issuing a challenge to communities across the state to help address this major public health concern. We are seeking community-level proposals that build sustainable and lasting solutions for Louisiana’s healthcare workforce shortage.

Learn more about healthcare workforce collective impact grants

Health and Education Disparities (Collective Impact) Grant Program

In Louisiana, systemic discrepancies in access to essential services in health and education, in addition to various other factors, have created disproportionately negative outcomes for children and particularly African American children. Data show that when compared to people of other backgrounds, black Louisianans are 1.5-4 times more likely to experience negative outcomes in health status and mortality, social services and educational achievement – regardless of their income status.

The Blue Cross Foundation is issuing a challenge to communities across the state to help address this major public health concern. We are seeking community-level proposals that mitigate the impacts of inequity for the whole child; multiple partners acting to improve outcomes in health, education and social services/child welfare.

learn more about health and education disparities (collective impact) grant program