As is usually the case, the end of school and the onset of summer means things get very busy, particularly among those in the nonprofit sector supporting children and young adults. In a way, it’s kind of reassuring to hit this familiar beat as we slowly emerge from a year of aberration and tragedy.

Unfortunately, the summer also means that the 2021 Hurricane Season is officially in swing. This seemed like a good time to revisit our friends and neighbors who were devastated by Hurricanes Laura and Delta last year. As you will see from this video, while they are optimistic, there is still a long path ahead of them on the road to recovery.

Lake Charles, like other parts of the state, has endured continued setbacks from weather events. As recently as a few weeks ago, homes and businesses in the area were flooding from torrential rain and the area received yet another federal disaster declaration for the scale of the impact. They continue to take the challenges as they come, and are working hard to meet the needs of families and neighbors who have been impacted.

Please continue to support our colleagues in SWLA and keep them in your thoughts.


Michael Tipton
President, BCBSLA Foundation
Head of Community Relations


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